Monday, November 2, 2009

Week #9 - Thing #20 - YouTube & Video

What's not to love about You Tube? It's a great tool to grab students' attention, introduce a topic, or use as an outcome for a project. Although it is a blocked site in my school district, I ALWAYS unblock it to use it as a teaching tool. I had seen many of the videos mentioned in the Classroom Learning 2.0 blog before and I particularly liked the "March of the Librarians" clip. Hysterical!

I have never inserted a video into a blog, so here is my first attempt. I struggled to figure out how to do this, but never fail. I found this YouTube video that taught me how! Here it is, if this is your first time, too. :-)

Here is another video on how to use a Flip Video camera. A great tool that could be used to create videos in the classroom, that could be posted on YouTube.

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  1. Until this year, we were in the same boat as far as Youtube goes. Now, we not only have access, but we are encouraged to use it. I agree! It is really a great way to get students thinking about a topic or introduce a new reading.
    I was also surprised how easy it is to embed these videos into our blogs!