Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My favorite discoveries throughout the 23 Things unit were podcasts, mashups and more aspects of Google. Podcasts are a tool I have little experience with, but a great deal of interest in. Mashups were a completely new concept that I see many applications for in the classroom environment. Integrating a mashups as a new project outcome can be a fun way to engage and motivate students. With Google there seems to be more aspects everyday and Google docs, reader and sites are terrific ways to encourage collaboration and manage information. Lastly, the concept of tagging, which was not formerly a component of the 23 Things study was a new technique I was able to practice and integrate into my way of organzing my electronic information.

The 23 Things program has affected my lifelong learning goals by reminding me to always welcome the new. At times, the amount of new technology is overwhelming and there is often the temptation to not explore the latest; however, as a librarian I must. Once I welcome the new it is important for me to be selective, find a purpose for the new technology and integrate it in the meaningful way. My role as a school librarian demands that I support many different teaching styles so I must always strive to try new things for the benefit of those faculty members.

Throughout this experience I began to think of education in a new ways. This was something I didn't expect. I have come to realize that I need to spice up my expectations of my students and I need to be a brighter beacon to model digital citizenship to the students, facutly and adminstration in my school.

Another surprise was the opportunity to network with other librarians. Following so the blogs of so many different kinds of librarians was a great opportunity. I found it very beneficial to see their unique points of view and use them as inspiration for new ideas for my own library and its resources and programs.

There is little I would do to change the format of this program. I really loved it. In fact, I would consider modeling a unit of study of my own after it. The 23 things programs was exploratory, collaborative and current. The only small criticism I have is I would have liked to have learned more about technology hardware. This is an area I would like to improve upon. I also would like to learn more about screencasting, which was not addressed in this program.

In a word I would describe the experience of the 23 Things as exploratory. This experience was very much based upon trying and experimenting. What you put into it was what you received in return.

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  1. I, too, loved the mashups. I used the 23 Things concept with my honors students with creative writing. I tried to make it more of an explore and play approach like 23 Things and the students seem to really enjoy it more.