Monday, November 30, 2009

Week #14 - Module #4 - Etiquette

I am impressed by the amount of literature that has been printed and posted regarding only etiquette! Much of what I understand about netiquette is common sense. I like how Virgnia Shea, author of the online book Netiquette, called her first chapter "Remember the Human". It seems that is what all forms of communication boils down to.

If librarians and teachers intend to use web 2.0 technologies in the classroom they need to model and teach online etiquette. This is the only way for students to interact in a formal capacity while online. I like the idea of having students sign a contract to as a kind of online "code of conduct" to ensure accountability to their online behavior.

The topic of cyberbullying is one that should concern all educators. While reading the links on this topic I came across the story of Ryan Patrick Halligan. This young boy committed suicide as a result of online bullying. His father now visits schools, tell his son's story and encourages compassionate behavior online and in life. Ryan's story was featured in a PBS video titled Growing Up Online. It was very powerful if anyone is interested in checking it out.

I often think it would helpful is librarians used back to school night as an opportunity to provide information to parents on this topic.

On a lighter note, I had fun exploring the smiley dictionary. It might a fun thing to share with my students.

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  1. good point about librarians modelling good behavior; what about URLs?