Thursday, October 29, 2009

Week #8 - Thing #18 - Google Docs

What more can you say? Google rocks! The more I learn about Google the more I think, I could teach an entire unit of web 2.0 technology around Google!

Google Docs is a breeze to use. I'd like to practice sharing a document with some of you. That way we could practice manipulating the text and viewing the changes of the document. Leave me a note in the blog's comments and I will invite you to participate in the a shared Google doc.

I could see myself using a Google Doc for classroom projects. It could also be used when collaborating with staff members on grade level or departmental matters. It could also be a great way to communicate with students who are a part of the library's teen advisory board. In fact, shared Google Docs could be very helpful for advisors of extra-curricular activities because often times it is very difficult to get all the members of clubs and activities together. Google docs could be a great remedy. Google Sites may also be a way to coordinate a library's or club's information.


  1. I agree! Google is amazing. We are using Google Docs at school for our new professional development intiative. We can go into the doc., list our areas of interest, sign up to join another group of professionals, add comments, etc. It has been a real time/email saver.

  2. good point about club collaboration outside of club time