Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week #6 - Thing #14 - Technorati & Tags

This was my first experience with Technorati. It was an impressive search site. I like that you could filter your search by authority. This feature is a worthwhile one to share with students. It demonstrates that intelligent web users know the importance of using credible sources. I liked seeing the authority ranking of each site. While I was exploring the site I also decided to claim my blog for this class.

Searching by tag was my favorite way to search. I am beginning to get a clearer understanding of the scope of tagging. Searching a term like "technology" returned a great many results. Narrowing the tag term to "classroom_technology" helped me locate topics of more interest to me.

It is interesting to think of this method of cataloging along side the Cataloging and Classification course we're taking. Tagging has far fewer rules than the AACR2R, that's for sure. It is also a more natural way for information organization to take place.


  1. I like your ideas for teaching students how to judge he authority of sites by their ranking. Good application for tagging! Thanks for playing my game and linking me & others. We'll see if it makes any difference.

  2. I also like the authority ranking of sites. It gives them a lot more crediblility and ties doing this work to reference which I particularly like. I can't say I'm a big fan of tagging at this point. If it ever gets down and dirty I might get into it.

  3. good point about authority -- in two ways: people authorizing sites but also the use of authority files in cataloging (without standards it could be very hard to find material)