Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week #4 - RSS Feeds

I too am amiss on what "thing" I am on. It's week four so I will stick with "thing 4".

Anyways, on to RSS feeds. The concept and implementation of RSS feeds is something I am very familiar with, but not something I have integrated into my daily life. I have a Google account and so therefore had a Google Reader that was going unused. Once I took the time to check it out I realized all the blogs I have been following for this class were already loaded in the reader. Google never ceases to amaze me. It was much easier to keep up with the blogs via the reader, but I felt that it was a little less personal since it was in the plain text format. I do enjoy interacting within each individual's blog. Within the reader I also felt less compelled to reply to each of the bloggers. Again, it seemed less personal. Although, I enjoy the ease and one stop shop quality of the reader I am not overly eager to begin using it in an everyday fashion, but I will try.

In an effort to collect some feeds, I located http://www.feedzilla.com/ . I can't imagine you wouldn't find a feed that would interest in you. I selected a feed on parenting, my favorite sports team and a bunch on libraries. I began looking for library feeds on School Library Journal and was overwhelmed by how many feeds they have. Tons and tons! (in case you are still looking for professional feeds)

Whew! I hope RSS's streamline the information I need and doesn't cause information overload!


  1. My google reader alerted me to your feed. So far I think that's the best feature of it.

  2. I came here from a link on my blog sidebar. Since I'm following you it was easy to set up in Blogger. I agree it is more fun and more personal to go to the individual blogs & comment. I like how a feed lets you know when there is new content though - that saves time.