Friday, September 4, 2009

Week #2 - Blogging

Here goes. I have started many a blog for my classroom before with lofty ideas of how to incorporate this technology into the curriculum. I was only brave enough to follow through once. It was a learning experience to say the least. I hope my experience with 23 Things will give me the courage and the edge I need to successfully use blogging in the in a meaningful way in the classroom.

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  1. Hi Michelle! You are very wise to take time to spend with your baby. As I'm sure you've already discovered, they grow so quickly and the time is precious! Enjoy everything you can these days. :-)

    I too am hoping to glean some good techniques and ideas to use. I'm in a public library, but the same principles apply when it comes to reaching users and it all boils down to lifelong learning for every single one of us!